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Rehabilitation of flood victims

Construction of houses, mosques and girls schools/vocational training centres in the flood affected area of Darya Khan, District Bhakkar.

After provision of food, clothes and medicines came the phase of rehabilitation of flood victims and provision of brick shelter which could save their families from all sorts of weather. The people of these areas are very poor and neglected. With the continuous help of RMCOF/ Students of Shifa Medical College/ Muslim community from Mauritius/ Brig Rtd. M. Arif Siddiqui, NUST/ Individuals/International Development Relief Foundation (IDRF) Canada, ROF constructed 200 brick houses and 5 mosques. Brig Rtd. M. Arif Siddiqui, NUST provided funds for construction of three mosques.

IDRF Canada provided funds for construction of Model Village comprising individual houses for 36 families with wash rooms, water supply and brick soling streets with street lights. They also provided funds for construction of IDRF/ROF Girls Primary School and ROF then established a Vocational Centre for women there as well. The Model Village, Girls School and Vocational Centre are located in Basti Awan.

There were no Girls School in the area. ROF took all steps to provide education facilities to girls in this area. A team of male and female doctors from Shifa Medical College, Islamabad has also been visiting, from time to time in these flood hit areas to educate people about health care and personal hygiene.

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