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Construction of Mosques in Darya Khan

In addition to settling more than 200 families in brick houses in various Bastis of Darya Khan, ROF constructed the following five beautiful cemented mosques to replace the flood hit mud structure mosques.

Masjid Amina, Basti Sial/Basti Man-e-Khel – partially funded by Dr. Azhar Bilal, UAE

RMC graduate, Dr. Azhar Bilal from UAE funded Masjid Amina. There was no proper mosque in this locality where locals could pray and their children could learn the Holy Quran. Now this mosque is a center of more than four surrounding villages for prayers and teaching the Holy Quran to boys and girls. The name of Masjid Amina was suggested by Dr. Azhar Bilal.

Masjid Omer Farooq, Basti Luk Kalan – Brig ® Arif Siddiqui, NUST

This mosque has been constructed after demolishing an older damaged mosque. The mosque covers a large area, where Jumma prayers are also performed and Holy Quran is taught to large number of girls and boys. Brig. ® M. Arif Siddiqui from NUST provided funds for its construction.

Masjid Bilal, Basti Awan

This is a big mosque located in Basti Awan which is a thick populated area. Basti Awan was among the main flood hit areas and the old mud mosque totally collapsed due to the floods. Jumma prayers are also now performed here and a large number of boys and girls are taught Holy Quran. The total cost of construction was funded by Brig. ®M. Arif Siddiqui from NUST.

Masjid Abu Bakr, Basti Singhar

Basti Singhar was among the main flood hit areas and its mud mosque also collapsed. A beautiful cemented mosque has been constructed now. Basti Singhar has a reasonable population surrounded by more small bastis. Apart from praying, a large number of boys and girls are taught the Holy Quran at the mosque. This mosque has also been totally funded by Brig. ®M. Arif Siddiqui from NUST.

Mauritius Mosque, Basti Mardan-e-Khel – Muslim Community from Mauritius

This mosque is being constructed in Basti Mardan-e-Khel, main flood hit area. Muslim Community from Mauritius provided funds for its construction.

One Room Brick houses were also built in the following area

  • Basti Mardan-e-Khel 35 Houses
  • Basti Rab Nawaz Mohana 20 Houses
  • Basti Mohammad Baksh Luk 21 Houses
  • Basti Sohna Mandhar 25 Houses
  • Basti Rab Nawaz Luk 11 Houses
  • Jhok Khichee 14 Houses
  • Basti Maan-e-Khel 15 Houses
  • Basti Sial 9 Houses
  • Basti Awan (Model Village) 36 Houses
  • Basti Singhar 14 Houses

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