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IDRF/ROF Girls Primary School and Vocational Training Centre

Education is a basic need for development of any society, particularly for women who can change a course of any society.

During rehabilitation of the affected Darya Khan area, it was noticed with great concern that there was no private or government girls’ school there and that women had been totally deprived of education. The people of this area are very poor and did not have any source of income.

Keeping in view the prevailing situation, plight of the people and importance of education for girls, the management of ROF decided to initially establish two girls’ primary schools with vocational training centres for girls/women who are above the age of schooling. The location was selected to be accessible to maximum residents of the area, and the two girl’s schools with vocational centre were constructed.

Construction cost of IDRF/ROF Girls Primary School/Vocational Centre, Basti Awan, was borne by IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation, Canada) and construction cost of NUST Girls Primary School/Vocational Centre, Luk Kalan, was jointly been shared between NUST and ROF. Since its inception, the running cost of IDRF/ROF Girls School is being borne by ROF whereas the running cost of the NUST School is being funded by NUST itself. More than two hundred girls from flood affected areas are studying in both schools and more than 100 women and girls, above the age of schooling, have been trained in both the vocational centres. No fee is.

The purpose of vocational training is to empower women through skills so that they can earn their livelihood. Trained teachers have been engaged for both schools and vocational training centres. These schools have brought a change in the area and inspired the mothers to educate their daughters. The mothers also attend functions in the school and have easy access to teachers. The land for both the schools has been donated by the locals.

We have provided every facility in these schools. The schools are also a centre of social gatherings for girls and mothers coming from different localities which was not possible for them before. The school management arranges functions such as Iqbal Day, Eid Milad-un-Nabi etc., and the mothers are also invited which provides them a chance to interact with each other coming from far places/bastis.

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